When All Your Friends Die… Make Music!

August 19, 2007

Freddy Gage - All My Friends Are Dead

This seems kinda… morbid.

He probably killed his friends for those albino snakeskin boots.

Never trust a preacher whose friends are all dead, who wears white snakeskin boots, and who has founded his own ministry called “Pulpit in the Shadows.” (See the fine print at the bottom of the cover.)

I’ll be your friend, Freddy.

This was the little-known inspiration for Right Said Fred.

Yeah, "I’m too sexy… to live."

Karyn Says:

I can’t believe this one doesn’t have any comments. Does the top 11 ever change?

Karyn Says:

This is obviously gangsta rap. That album cover is a candid shot of Freddie “T-Bag” Gage mourning at the grave of Biggie Smalls. They were tight.

Karyn Says:

“Drug Abuse” is slang for “Label Wars.”

Karyn Says:

Hmm…tight white boots…diminutive use of Freddie rather than Fred or Frederick, slick pompadour…RAINBOW label. So, Freddie, how come you never found the right girl?

Ben Says:

Whoa…. he and Jerry Falwell used to hang. Crazy!

Russ Says:

“Without question Freddie Gage is second only to Billy Graham in winning men to Christ in the Southern Baptist Convention.”

JUST men? And what’s with all these ‘hurting ministers’ and their families? Something you wanna tell us, Freddie?

renato Says:

this guy sound like jim jones to me…

matteratti Says:

That’s epic, man. Any “bad” album site that doesn’t have FG: AMFAD is incomplete.

daniel Says:

Rainbow Records tagline: All My Fred’s Are Tone Deaf.

xdpaul Says:

I think he killed them with his humorless sincerity.

Pat Harrington Says:

“All My Friends Are Dead. My Work Here is Done. What Do You Command me to do now, Lord?”

Ed Griffiths Says:

Immortally morbid along with HEINO’s psychotically creepy grin from ‘Liebe Mutter’. If you ever wondered what Hannibal Lecter was doing in his 20s, that’s it…

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