Bert & Ernie Go Gangsta

January 30, 2009

Props to the puppets baby.

At one time this would have been a joke, but this is actual kid’s television these days.

Look! At the end he even COMMANDS THE SHEEP!

darren Says:

You would not believe how much Bennett laughed at this video…

Ben Says:

This is what happens with the Hensons try to become ‘culturally relevant’. Next thing you know, Oscar the Grouch is smoking the rock, Elmo is questioning his orientation, Big Bird goes for gastric bypass surgery, and Bert and Ernie go gangsta. Mr. Hooper is rolling over in his shallow grave behind the Sesame Street airport where Cookie Monster whacked him for being late on his dough deliveries one too many times.

Karyn Says:

Ben, you should write children’s books. Bennett…I question how inebriated you were while watching….

Karyn Says:

“We’s just tryin ta get our message acrost. Kids dees days, they don’t wanna hear no nothin’ bout them ABC’s. Give it to me straight, man. Dat’s what these kids are sayin’ an’ we just gotta comply, ya’ know?”

MC Says:

Ah sheet… a little armed robbery didn’t hurt no one.

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