Henrietta & Myrna Just Can’t Sing

February 9, 2009

Whatever ‘flowers grew on that mountain’ have long since wilted and died.

Myrna looks like she’s about to commit matricide.

Truly touching–so much joy.

I’m moving off the mountain. Poor mountain!

Ben Says:

For once Karyn is speechless!!! SCOOOORE!!! GOOOOOOAAAALLLL!!!

Karyn Says:

If you don’t have anything nice to say…

Ben Says:

… insult a foreign country! Did I win a cookie?

Christopher Says:

Yeah sure, they can’t sing, but what about that groove? Man, steamtrain!

Ben Says:

James Brown got NUTHIN’ on their funk. This is the JAM!! Kudos to their A&R rep for picking out this single from all the hits they keep churning out.

Ian Says:

I have to say, this ranks as one of my favorite Regrettable Music videos. They couldn’t have scripted this more perfectly if they tried.

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