The Incomparable Tiny Lynn

February 22, 2009

Music favored by child psychologists the world round. I feel like this is some kind of sick Rorschach inkblot test.

When he was a kid, nobody got in the sandbox with Tiny Lynn.

Listen, doc, I’ve looked at this picture every which way, but I still only see a hideous fat man in a diaper! And for your information I can’t even spell ‘Oedipus complex’.

Karyn Says:

The title is scary.
The baby-man is scary.
But nothing is scarier than that turtle.

Ben Says:

I for one welcome our tortoise overlords. And their hairy diapered man-baby accomplices.

Ian Says:

That tricycle is way too small for him.

Cazare Eforie Nord Says:

Not funny at all. That picture is scary.

Robert Hudnall Says:

I haven’t seen Tiny Lynn in several years but I can tell you that there isn’t anything scary about him. He is one of the friendliest, kindest and gentle men…a genuine gentleman, that I have ever known. He’s what’s known in these parts as a “good ol’ boy”. Nothing scary about Tiny at all. The last time I saw him he had a big old English bulldog that liked to sleep all day and a big gray cat that would drape herself across the dog’s back like a big gray rug and take a nap.

C.D. Denison Says:

This album was really never for sale it was made for personal friends in the 1970s was made for noting but a joke, it should never been posted.Its the one thing in Tiny life he regret it need to be removed

genese denison Says:

The bull dogs name was panda bear… My uncle Tiny spoiled that dog :) he really is a great guy, Robert’s right, he is a good ole boy.

Jim & Virginia Furness Says:

I have know Tiny for 15+ years and he has worked for me at several clubs in west Texas. His music is every bet as good as what you would hear from Ray Price and others.

ian Says:

Hopefully all the friends and fans of Tiny Lynn who’ve posted above know that the Regrettable Music boys aren’t haters. Our goal is just to give people a few laughs at silly album art. Tiny sounds like a fantastic guy, and obviously with a fantastic sense of humor to create a true masterpiece like this, so I hope he’d join us in having a few laughs over it.

-Ian for Regrettable Music

Stacey Karlin Says:

I grew up listening to Tiny. My dad’s (Jim Furness, previous comment) is spot on. He’s a great family friend. He played at my wedding and was great. I miss seeing & listening to him play live. I have his music on MP3 and listen to it alot. I loved his dog Panda. Tiny, Coy & the band are a GREAT bunch.

Dennis McAdams Says:

Listen folks I worked playing drums for Tiny Lynn for at least 25 years and I must say I love the man like a brother. He is truly one the finest men I have ever been associated with. We played dances all over Texas,New Mexico, Oklahoma,Colorado, and one big to do in Arizona. We went through a lot together over time. He was always fair and honest and a true pro. He has since retired but we still see each other at least one or two times a month even though we live about 2 hours away from one another. If you get a chance to get your hands on some of his recordings you will enjoy them. He is also a very good silver smith. He has made some very beautiful jewelery over the years. I can’t say enough good about him. In my book he is tops. With all the love in the world I mean all I have written about him. Thanks for listening to me for a bit. Dennis McAdams

Jon David Anderson Says:

I worked with Tiny at KZOL AM radio in Farwell Texas.
As a high school student just starting out in radio,
I thought that he was a great nice guy who never treated
any one badly.
He also had a great band.
Hope he is well.

David Maxwell Says:

All you people judge this man how many you people knew him? I knew him personally he was a good man!
Last I checked it was not your job to judge people

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