Angelo Tony Luongo Adores You

April 28, 2009

The jokes write themselves!

So this is what happens on peyote.

He was last seen in a Fiero with Philip Michael Thomas.


Italians do it better.

He gets a perfect ten just for the mullet.

What kind of mullet is that anyway?

That, my friend, is an ‘Italo-Mullet’.

Ahhh…. not to be confused with its close cousin the ‘Mexi-Mullet’.

Christopher Says:

Italo Dub.
I think most of the sounds on this song came for free on my daughter’s play computer…
I love the way he cleans his front teeth with his tongue right after the first line in the first verse… did I say verse? Stanza, statement… I dunno what musical form he’s using, I’m still decoding it.
I can just make out the driveway in his front yard, but that’s because I watched the whole video…

Karyn Says:

Perhaps he has some sort of disease that affects his posture and movement. Maybe a tracheotomy…that would explain the voice. Maybe he is a trapper and that’s a dead animal on his head.

He’s a mystery…with a mysterious side…

but what really confuses me is why he is not tagged with Heinous Hair.

Karyn Says:

You guys are amazing. This is truly revolting.

Ben Says:

I love how he kisses his crucifix before he starts singing. Maybe he’s asking God to forgive him for the brutal sounds/sights he’s putting to tape…

Liz Says:

No woman would fall for a line like that.

darren Says:

He’s got the crucifix, but he’s missing the cloves of garlic… of course with “music” like that, who needs vampire repellent!

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