Mr. T Does “Muthuh’s” Day

May 6, 2009

Mr. T needs to treat his mother right and put on some damn pants!

Anybody else happy that cutoffs and knee socks are out of fashion?

Only Mr. T can make ‘moan’ and ‘groan’ rhyme with ‘born!’

Mr. T has a pretty mean knee-bob dance move…

If he keeps that up for a couple more videos, he’ll have to worry about some arthritis later on.

I pity da fool that puts down Mr. T’s momma!

Be somebody!

Christopher Says:

From now on I spell it ‘moTher’. Respect.

Karyn Says:

I thought about posting this on my mom’s facebook but I already sent her a nice note. I’ll have to save this for next year. By the way, my favorite part is the acrostic poem, especially the m is for moan part…I thought acrostic poems were cheesy attempts at forcing creativity by squelching it. Mr. T proves me wrong as he has turned it into a true art form.

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