Mark Gormley – Little Wings

May 14, 2009

Tommy’s face in the first five seconds is solid gold.

The intro is almost better than the music video.

Mark Gormley is sassy. I like his style.

This video was made by chumming for seagulls off the back of a garbage skiff.

Christopher Says:

Sometimes I these uncharted waters are uncharted for a reason…

Ariana Says:

Is the constant awkward leg shifting his attempt to dance??

Ben Says:

Maybe he’s trying to alleviate his gout symptoms?

Liz Says:

The Vatican needs this guy in its castrati choir.

Karyn Says:

I now fully understand why rockstars wear the most outrageous clothing….Somehow a polo and dad-glasses are very uncool on film with a falsetto.

Ian Says:

Brought to you courtesy of the open mic night at Buck Meadows Tavern of Grent, WY.

Ian Says:

Where can I find more videos by “The Flamboyant” Phil Thomas Katt?

renato Says:

he’s like a castratti Ned Flanders

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