Bobby Conn – Say No To The Man

May 17, 2009

I think he’s one of the Royal Tennenbaums.

That’s a stylish bowl cut he’s sporting there.

What good is it if you say no to ‘the man’ and you say yes to a bowl cut? Someone needs to help Bobby with his priorities.

Do not taunt the scarf.

Karyn Says:

That was phenomenawesome! That violin was killer. And his sweaty dance moves are off the chart. One question. Who brings a two year old on stage?

Daniel D Says:

Just so everyone knows, the real lyrics are “You’re never gonna get ahead _giving head_ to the man.” He had to change it up for national TV.

And Bobby Conn is more awesome in five minutes than you will ever be in your whole life. All of his albums are pretty top notch.

Ben Says:

Whoa… a Bobby Conn press release from the Wikipedia article on him.

“He developed the “Continuous Ca$h Flow System” while incarcerated in a federal facility in Maryland, serving out a sentence for mail fraud. In his solitude he was struck by two things: firstly, that his illegal difficulties were due to his focus on earning rather than spending as much money as possible, and more importantly, that he was likely to be the Anti-Christ. Bobby now knew that time was short, the coming Armageddon would destroy humanity at century’s end, so he had to reach people quickly. A natural performer and gifted musician in the popular tradition, he structured his “Continuous Ca$h Flow System”[...]Bobby knows that creating a financial vacuum inside oneself is the best way to fill a spiritual void, and he demonstrates this regularly by distributing thousands of dollars in the form of $20 bills to every audience member. But with his gift comes a desire. A desire to spend. And spend. And spend yet more, creating a glorious Debt that promises, if not salvation, a thrilling high-paced life-style. And when the collective Debt of our generation grows large enough, the entire Pig System of Oppression will be snuffed out like a candle in a hurricane.”

Apparently he also claimed to be the anti-christ and to have cut off his ring finger, though he is now stepping back from those statements.

That’s what I call entertainment, folks!!

Christopher Says:

Hilarious and sincere. Weirdo.

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