Mike Adkins: Thank You For The Dove

February 11, 2008

Mike Adkins: Thank You For The Dove

Karyn Says:

I’m thinking the big white band on his arm is because he just gave blood.

Ben Says:

I think the dove went postal and bit the snot out of his bicep after listening to the children’s choir at Mike’s church.

MG Says:

Here Ozzy, Ozzy! Here Ozzy! Come on boy, come and git it!

Ha ha just happened upon your site by way of Matt Caverhill’s blog-Hey! I love this kind of stuff! I am going to come by here a lot! Glad I decided to click the link!

sonique Says:

and thank you for the dove-poop you left behind…

Michael Says:

Thank you for the dove. It was delicious.

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