Rev. Eli & His Now Church

June 17, 2009


Any reverend with a cape has my respect… or at least my attention.

You KNOW they’ve got Kool-Aid at the greeter’s table in the back!

Looks like the Rev has been focusing on the church Women’s Ministry lately.

Ted Says:

It’s his National Organization for Women church.

Darren Says:

So, Ted… are you a member?

Alter-E Says:

Honestly i’m not surprised Blackula is a Baptist.

robbie Says:

Blackula really, the march in the 60′s was about people like you, that’s my Dad!!! and he was full of talent!!!

xdpaul Says:

It was a miracle how quickly they transformed themselves into Rev. Eli’s ‘Later’ Church once the royalty checks stopped coming in…

Pat Harrington Says:

“It sooo nice, sooo luuvely, to see all you pretty young thaaangs inda front rooows…”

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