Bible Story Lady

June 24, 2009


On the eighth day God created a penguin, three little bears, a whale with a top hat, the Great White Witch, and two scoops of raisins in every box!


Karyn Says:

Get a real job!

Cassie Says:

JEEBUS save us!

Christopher Says:

I don’t get the joke

Darren Says:

Oh man, this still cracks me up!

Ben Says:

I have no idea what Karyn and Cassie are referring to… I’m confused???

Liz Says:

At first glance, it appears she’s sporting some horns under that white swim cap. And the cape certainly looks diabolical. Do love her shoes, though.

I also love the open box of candy on the table.

Perhaps someone inserted some funny mushrooms into the caramels? How else can we account for such visions?

Ben Says:

The 3.5 inch heels are a nice touch. Maybe she just got out of Tango dance class.

Ian Says:

Bible Story Lady, go home. You’re giving my children nightmares.

Karyn Says:

“Bible Story Lady” is not a real profession.

Ben Says:

You must not be baptist… its a full career and everything. Lower level Bible Story Ladies have to work their way up from felt-boarding to actual books where they must perform the voices of each character in convincing fashion. Pay is pretty much bad jell-o salad and Kool-Aid, but hey, it’s a career.

sonique Says:

love the shoes

sonique Says:

i checked my bible. nothing in it about anthropomorphic bears, a moon-man, or a whale sporting a top hat and cane.

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