Jimmy Jenson: Understand Your’e Swede

February 6, 2008

Jimmy Jenson: Understand Your’e Swede

Apparently birth control in Sweden is a bag of chloroform rags and a hatchet.

“Daddy had a rough day at the office kids – run like hell!”

Maria Says:


Ben Says:

English was not his first language I guess??

Darren Says:

I would like to say that we still discuss this post when we frequently censor Ben’s comments. A true classic.

Karyn Says:

Perhaps you should have an evil spinoff with Ben’s comments so that he can still post them and people like me don’t have to be subject to them.

Ben Says:

I like it – its sort of a comic book ‘parallel universe’ concept.

smebs Says:

you people are all blowed out…this is darn good music

Karyn Says:

I’m pretty sure this is a daycare poster.

smebs2 Says:

I would agree. I grew up listening to him. I really like him. Wish I could get a hold of more!

notjustne12you Says:

smebs2 you can get his cd at http://www.jimmyjenson.com I really like him too! I was excited to find the website and know I can order his music, because I had it recorded to tape from the old LP’s and finally listened until my tape wore completely out. Now we can relieve our youth!

Tommy Says:

Being a Swede I really would like to hear what kind of music that hides inside this cover.
I visited his home page and recognised some Swedish titles translated to English. Where to hear it?

Ben Says:

Tommy, check out the link that notjustne12you posted above. Looks like you can order his tunes from there.

PeppermintNightmare Says:


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