Bizarre – Hanni Cap Circus

December 6, 2010


Is that the San Diego Chicken being held hostage?

Someone needs to tell him where that diaper is supposed to go.

There’s gonna be some stretch marks on that tattoo.

This album has all the makings of a hit. Chickens, a wolf, a midget, tattoos and diapers.


Brian Maxine

August 2, 2010


Only 99 cents! What’s not to like?

Jazz has come a long, long ways.

He won that belt in a toe wrestling competition in the Czech Republic.

Known for his regular and flamboyant appearances on the 1970s World of Sport.


Blazin’ and Steppin’

January 30, 2010

The Scottish never intended this.

Why? Why play to a track with an instrument only in tune with itself? Why?

It’s Pootie Tang!


Flame – Making Moves

December 1, 2009

Flame - Making Moves

Name says it all…

Who let the dogs out? No, seriously – who let them out? Because they’ve had puppies with a rabid hippo.

Jerry Rice is so ashamed right now.

If you are gonna be a blind rapper in the ghetto, you need two seeing eye dogs that both passed the service test by eating a crossing guard.

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