Nothing Butta Towel

November 9, 2009


Wow. He wasn’t kidding.

Sorry, but he’s also wearing a hat. AND a chain. It was too hard to ‘represent’ with only a towel.

Thank God for that towel–it hides his ‘butta.’

Is he wearing a Tarheels hat??

Poor Tar Heels.


Gucey Guce – Doe Boy (I Got That Cake Mix!)

August 17, 2009


Who knew that Pillsbury was so apocalyptic?

Don’t poke his stomach… trust me.

‘Hoo hooo!’

What do you think this band is like live?

If the fiery mixer being held in the air like a weapon is any indication, wear your cup to the show.


Mr. T Does “Muthuh’s” Day

May 6, 2009

Mr. T needs to treat his mother right and put on some damn pants!

Anybody else happy that cutoffs and knee socks are out of fashion?

Only Mr. T can make ‘moan’ and ‘groan’ rhyme with ‘born!’

Mr. T has a pretty mean knee-bob dance move…

If he keeps that up for a couple more videos, he’ll have to worry about some arthritis later on.

I pity da fool that puts down Mr. T’s momma!

Be somebody!


Star Wars Gangsta Rap

February 26, 2009

Who’s ya daddy?

Animated gangsta hand gestures by Yoda: priceless.

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