Inner Dialogue

August 11, 2010


Someone’s about to stab two lesbians.

I can hear the violins shrieking from here.

“Betty, whatever you do, don’t look to your left.”

“Maybe if we ignore him he’ll go away.”

Neither one looks interested in going back to his mom’s house to meet his parakeet.

Someone’s not taking their meds!


Boogie Boogie Boogie!

July 27, 2010


Run like hell, goat!

That goat eventually died on the dance floor.

Those are milkin’ hands!

Actually, those are DANCING hands.

Innovating the Progressive Amish music genre?

If pigs can’t fly, they can certainly boogie.

Berkeley in the 60′s must have been a real doozie.


Valdy – Family Gathering

May 19, 2010


Sucks to be an orphan.

He killed them. ALL of them.

Poor Valdy.


My Little Pony – The Musical

April 29, 2010


I’d rather spend an afternoon in a knife store with Chucky than sit through an entire performance of this stuff.

I think Ian should extensively review the authenticity of this production as he is our resident My Little Pony expert.

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