Gouge Out The Eyes!!

August 12, 2008

Don’t do it! For the love of god!


Dancing in the Midnight??

August 8, 2008

I love Japan.

I just threw up into my mouth.

Personal foul for unsightly use of spandex. Fifteen yards. Do not repeat first down.

I think the middle one is stuck.

Yup, this is your textbook psychedelic spandex cult. If you read the stuff written in the background it appears to be some religious text about God having blessed Zimbabwe!

See… they’re wearing Nikes!


Still Playing With The Boys

August 4, 2008

Beach volleyball, anyone?

She does not look 83!

I’m absolutely positive none of these guys are gay!


Sussan’s Pop Rock Possession

July 13, 2008

Look, Sussan, if you’re going to be photographed while demon possessed could you at least have the decency to change out of your nightie first? Geez. Some people are so inconsiderate…

I shared a cube with this chick at my last job.

Cue the screeching balloon lady music: “screeEEE screeEEE screeEEE!”

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