A Matter of Sexual Survival

June 8, 2008

Ahhh, the patron saint of chastity…

…AND car jacking!

Yes, the official Catholic Church Saint Index online specifies that he must always be represented with a Budweiser in one hand and a TV remote in the other. The fu manchu and deer hunter hat are optional.

He has parental blocking turned off!!!!


Haunted George

April 2, 2008


Featuring such Glam-Jam record chart hits as ‘Torture’, ‘Pit of Death’, ‘The Hangman’, and ‘Pile O’Meat’.

Did he turn blue before or after eating the pile o’ meat?

I looked like that after eating only Taco Bell for two weeks straight during finals!

Those teeth were made for chompin’!


The Necromancing Conductor

February 27, 2008

Bob Brookmeyer: The NewArt Orchestra

He’s summoning the dead!

ARIIIIIIIIISE!!!!! … and serve your massssssster.

He looks like he was recently summoned himself.

Don’t waltz, Zoe, RUN!! RUN for your LIFE!


Redd Foxx: You Gotta Wash Your Ass

February 11, 2008

Red Foxx: You Gotta Wash Your Ass

Wow, Redd apparently has six volumes of material entitled “LIVE AND DIRTY”. I feel a little relieved about this cover now.

At least he promotes good hygiene.

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