The Mother of Balloon Music

December 18, 2007

Judy Dunaway - Mother of Balloon Music

Check out the musical selection from this album.

This music sounds like a nine minute fart accelerated into chipmunk-time.

Only small animals can hear this––and they’re crying!

This is payback for all those times her parents told her to “quit it with the balloon!!!!”

Yeah, she was disinherited by her parents at a tender young age.

This song reminds me of the scene where Jason stabs all those dumbass kids.

While listening to this track, Ian screams:

What the…. NAAAAAAZGÜL! The Dark Lord approacheth!


Let Me Touch Him

August 18, 2007

Let Me Touch Him


Only wearing gloves.

…rubber gloves.

Matching gray polyester suits: $29.99. Matching horn-rim glasses: $12.05. Forty-five years in prison: priceless.

“Charcoal gray” rules.

But they look so happy!

I have a dirty mind and I’m just going to keep my mouth shut on this one.



Trees Talk Too

August 17, 2007

Geraldine and Ricky

Good LORD! She is the new puppet master.

I don’t think even Chucky would want to play with little Ricky.

This stuff is just spooky.

Judge, I swear, I didn’t kill him… it was LITTLE RICKY!

The happy couple on their honeymoon in Jamaica.

I saw Ricky perform on the MOTOCROSS last week… and he was BADASS! (Queue Elvis entry music, animated flashing neon signs of RICKY!)


Lord of the Lobsters

August 16, 2007

Lord of the Lobsters

Oh god, it’s horrible. (Speaking about the music
behind the man

Many are called but few are… frozen?!

I for one welcome our new lobster overlords! All hail the crustacean nation.

How did he get those abs? Maybe he’s a deep sea diver!

How do lobsters put up with this crap?

This is a perfect time to give someone the gift of bad music.

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