Hard Core

June 23, 2012

Hard Core

If there was ever a reason to throw Greece out of the euro zone…

“Ladies and gentlemen, I will be your tour guide for the Parthenon.”

See what they did with all that loan money? They bought grappa and put on mom’s clothes!

I’d offer a bailout of any amount as long as he keeps those clothes on!



June 11, 2012


Surprisingly only a few of them realize this is a joke!

Is that a hobbit?

Yeah, I played the psychotic leopard midget in my school’s production of Julius Caesar.

This is why I don’t go see Shakespeare in the park anymore.



January 4, 2012


45 minutes of the melodious sounds of this dude picking fights with raccoons in a trash-filled alley. Worth every penny.


Armando Jones

December 26, 2011


Thank God for that last button.

It’s Steven Van Zandt!

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