Rugby Songs

March 29, 2011


Is this a “pants vs. skins” game?

I’ll never see rugby the same way again.

I’ll never SEE again.

I knew they got cauliflower ear, but it appears they can cauliflower other things too.

No way… YOU tackle him! I ain’t gonna do it!


The Technicolor Puking Viking

March 28, 2011


Swine flu rears its ugly head.

That bag of Skittles he ate is back with a vengeance.

What genre do you think this record is?

My money is on ‘psychotropic opera’.


The Flasher

March 13, 2011


Do the lines indicate he’s breaking the sound barrier?

It’s a good thing he’s running that fast, because the cops are on the way!



February 24, 2011


What is this, some kind of weird YMCA dance?

Yes, but done with Asian kanji characters.

Men… in unitards… over tights… and leg warmers?

Don’t hate. It’s ‘cultural’.

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