Butch Willis & The Rocks

August 3, 2009

We should offer some kind of prize for anyone that makes it through all 9 minutes of this.

Niiiiice….nothing says ‘emotionally stable’ like blue spandex and platform boots.

I love the throat guitarist!

Gotta watch till the end!! The camera man throws down his gear and walks out after the place almost burns to the ground when a fog machine goes berzerker.

I kept waiting for the Lucha Libre fight to begin. Bring on the caped midgets!!


Alfred Brendel

July 14, 2009


Alfred doesn’t tour anymore, but he has never given up his passion for bran. – Christopher

His passion, reflected here in his choice of portraits for the album cover, brings a whole new meaning to the classical term ‘movement’.


Keep A Lamp Shining Bright

June 29, 2009


Mattie ‘The Matterhorn’ McFerrin.

She must have to get weekly treatments for neck pain with that 22-pound beehive.

Rub the lamp, you get a genie. Rub the hair, you get a disease.

Mattie’s beehive was never the same after the fiery inferno the night her head got too close to the gas lamp.


Take Me In The Lifeboat



The lifeboat is gonna sink.

The Wilder Trio may become a duet for the sake of survival.

I’d rather swim for it.

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