Larz Kristerz: Stuffparty 1

February 5, 2008

Larz Kristerz: Stuffparty 1

Many small animals died to bring us these hairpieces.

There’s a party in their hair and everyone’s invited!

I really doubt that guy on the right is a natural platinum blond!

I really doubt that guy in the back left is a man!

I just have doubts…

Hey, I own that shirt! I bought it at The Wasteland in San Francisco along with a pair of plum colored polyester high risers! My don’t they ride up something fierce.

I have to ask, does the shirt still smell like Larz?


Michael Bolton


Michael Bolton

The name says it all.

I celebrate the man’s entire catalog.


Battleaxe: Burn This Town

February 2, 2008

Battleaxe: Burn This Town

Poor town…

Album art by Timmy McGregor, Grade 2, Ms. Phillip’s class.

Timmy’s daddy rides a hog on weekends away from his accounting job.

Those boots were made for burnin’.


Riot: Fire Down Under

January 31, 2008

Riot: Fire Down Under

Oooh, a baby seal…

With televangelist hair!

And it’s possessed, apparently.


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