Why Haven’t I Heard From You?

September 29, 2012

Why Haven't I Heard From You?

Well, let me give you the first 246 reasons…

I’ll always be waiting for you…

… in the parking lot with a tire iron.



September 26, 2012


two fingers of gin, add half a small Cockapoo and shake vigorously for this drink.


They Only Come Out At Night

September 4, 2012

They Only Come Out At Night

Is that some sort of reference to his albinism, or is he talking about his chops?

I think that necklace is made of mouse skulls.


Bollywood meets The Beatles

August 19, 2012

I think they changed the words to “I want to have a seizure!”

Thanks to Blort Trolb for finding this one (again) and re-submitting since the last one was pulled down.

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