Boas Festas

December 20, 2008

I can’t stop looking at it!

I can!

The Christmas album for fans of Chucky…

…and Teddy Ruxpin.


Christmas Shiv

December 19, 2008

No wonder kids cry when they get their picture taken with Santa!

Rico’s first job out of prison.

Make sure you frisk him for the prison shiv before you sit on his lap.


Dan Foley – Hummer Extraordinaire


It is not often that we here at Regrettable Music really find a wonder! Today, we are privileged to present to you Dan Foley as he hums your French favorites.

Check out our musical selection for today’s post!

A fine example of what happens when you are Canadian and you can’t play hockey.

The crickets at the end of track #2 are a nice touch.

I think he’s humming out of his ass.


Santa’s Been Spayed and Neutered

December 18, 2008

I didn’t know that cats jingle when shaken!

Well, you attach the bells first and then shake.


Santa’s been declawed.

Santa’s been spayed and neutered!

Umm, I don’t think you can do both, Bennett.

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