January 22, 2010


I’ll never watch My Little Pony the same way again.

You watch My Little Pony?

And I’ll never eat a box of Lucky Charms again!

I can’t get over the look on the pony’s face.


He-Man Sings ’4 Non-Blondes’

January 15, 2009

Oh my God, how I try…

Don’t doubt the power of Mr. Cringerpants.

My, my, how those purple pants do cup, lift and separate!

Where’s Orko?

Who the heck is Orko and how do you know this stuff, Bennett? NERD ALERT!


They used special background selections from My Little Pony in this video. Dazzling and sassy!

Yeah, and how do you know that?


The Pink Power Ranger Rocks Out

January 1, 2009

I hesitate to link to this video because I feel like I’m supporting their habit.

Be glad we didn’t post the nine minute version of two pink dudes dancing with tennis rackets.

I will hold back… I will hold back!


Christmas with Chewbacca

December 28, 2008

It’s a wookie wonderland.

I know what he wants for Christmas: 450 electrolysis appointments.

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