A La Mode – Dance Land

February 2, 2010

A La Mode - Dance Land

A la mode? No thank you. And stay the hell away from my pie.


Blazin’ and Steppin’

January 30, 2010

The Scottish never intended this.

Why? Why play to a track with an instrument only in tune with itself? Why?

It’s Pootie Tang!


Focus – Hocus Pocus

January 25, 2010

He looks like he could turn into Goat-Man at any second. –Dan

I’m against animal testing of this music.

Focus??!! I’d rather use a magnifying glass to burn a locust!

It’s kind of hard to focus when you’ve taken your entire stash of acid just before walking on stage.

This scientifically proves that high audiences prefer yodeling.

Gladys Knight loves it!


T.J. Lewis – IDIOT

January 15, 2010

T.J. Lewis - IDIOT

No argument here.

T.J. has low self-esteem.

T.J. also sat on his sunglasses.

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