Death Metal Friday

April 5, 2011


That’s the best lip sync I’ve seen in a long time!

Man, what an upgrade.


Madam X



Just look at that hair. The guy in leather must take a couple hours and four cans of product to get it sticking out that much.

I’m persuaded that looking too closely would be a mistake.

Can we post a really low-res version of this cover?

That guy has lace-up denim and two belts… intense!

She has giant hands… she must be a model for Palm Olive.


Muthas Pride

November 23, 2010


Want your kitty to be able to hold his own in those late night back-alley throwdowns with that mean neighborhood siamese? New ‘Muthas Pride MeowMix With Anabolic Steroids’ can help your feline pack on muscle like never before. Incisor growth too!!


100% Proof

November 22, 2010


The St. Andrews high school math club sure goes the extra mile to recruit new members.

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