Bert ‘n Ernie Go Brutal

April 20, 2009

They just came out of the studio with Animal.

I needed to rehydrate after just watching that!

Ride the lightning, bitches!


Heavy Metal Monk!

March 5, 2009

I confess!! I confess!!

It’s St. Francis and the THRASHING OF THE ANIMALS!!


Mini KISS!!!

February 13, 2009

How is this Valentine’s Day related?

This is why you’re still single, dude.

Nothing says love like midgets in makeup…

…drinking fake blood.

I thought there was nothing worse than KISS… I have been proven wrong.


Air Guitar Champion, C-Diddy

January 24, 2009

(Pointing at the screen) It’s Hello Kitty!

It’s a Hello Kitty brassiere!!?

It turns out the air guitar championships of the world are held in Finland!

I don’t know if we should insult Finland. They’re badasses.

Ben can. He’s insulted every other country in Europe.

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