Titanes En El Ring

January 3, 2012


Nine men, one ring, everyone (including the audience) loses.

Someone is trying to redefine the V-neck.

This is like Andre the Giant on Spanish Star Trek.

That man in the front… his nipples cannot be contained.

I’m concerned that the pants aren’t tight enough.

For what?


Johny Tolengo

May 4, 2011


Nothing says epic like glasses from chemistry class and a fur coat.


Argentina Coral

March 12, 2011


That’s the worst wax model of Cindy Crawford EVER!

God was not kind to some Argentines.


Quim Barreiros

November 10, 2010


I always wondered why my mom said to never touch an accordion without first disinfecting it with bleach. Well know I know.

Slowly after Quim started playing, the clothes mysteriously disintegrated.

This is not the way to impress the future in-laws.

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