Bert & Ernie Go Gangsta

January 30, 2009

Props to the puppets baby.

At one time this would have been a joke, but this is actual kid’s television these days.

Look! At the end he even COMMANDS THE SHEEP!


Dan Bitzer & Louie Tell Bible Classics, Vol. III

January 27, 2008

Dan Bitzer and Louie - Tell the Bible Classics Vol. III

Where’s the burning bush? I want to throw the puppet in it.

Are those sheep back there?

Poor sheep! Thy rod and thy staff… they frighten me!


Trees Talk Too

August 17, 2007

Geraldine and Ricky

Good LORD! She is the new puppet master.

I don’t think even Chucky would want to play with little Ricky.

This stuff is just spooky.

Judge, I swear, I didn’t kill him… it was LITTLE RICKY!

The happy couple on their honeymoon in Jamaica.

I saw Ricky perform on the MOTOCROSS last week… and he was BADASS! (Queue Elvis entry music, animated flashing neon signs of RICKY!)

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