Travis Haddix – What I Know Right Now

September 3, 2009


I know how to spell ‘velour’.

Does he know how to spell ‘alimony’?

He knows how to make his own clothes!

He’s the Martha Stewart of blues!


Full Force – All Cried Out

August 12, 2009


This album cover was made possible by generous grants from our sponsors: Motley Crue’s leather pants collection; BALCO InstaMuscle! Now in three delicious flavors; and Maury’s Bacon-Scented Hair Paste… ‘Tastes Great, Less Fluffing’.

‘They all cried out…’ and were suddenly silenced for obvious reasons.

Dear lord, did no one wear shirts in the ’80s?!


The Manhattans – Men Cry Too

July 22, 2009


I’m weeping right now.

Special sweepstakes? What do I win… a bottle of his tears?.

I’d cry too if I had to wear that smock.

Fortunately it was a limited edition.


Yes, I Love You Australia

July 10, 2009


Crikey, me eyes! This album cover is more repulsive than drinking a gallon of piss-warm Fosters.

That’s what to wear in the dessert or the natives will know you’re not an entertainer. –Christopher

Who, I ask you, color synchronizes mic cables with their clothing? This guy has what I like to call ‘class.’

That’s not a mic. It’s his electric shaver and he’s running it off the battery on his Land Rover.

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