Dan, The Ladies’ Man

February 11, 2009

Help me out, boys, what’s that breed of dog that has hair like this?

Frankly, Dan, I don’t think many ladies have a fancy quite this… umm… refined.

He must eat Fancy Feast.

Comb-over of DOOM.


Exercise Cat

January 7, 2009

Cat, the other white meat.

Mmmm, kitty veal.

For a moment there at the end I thought he was licking himself.

For some reason, the cat reminds me of Orson Wells.

Check out that eyebrow at 15 seconds! Awesome…


101 Ways to Wear a Flat Bed Sheet

September 9, 2008

Jaci, why would you do this to yourself? Honestly, why?

Did she wrap her head in toilet paper?

She’s showing off one of her favorite styles from her book 101 Ways to Wear a Flat Bed Sheet.

She’s missing an ARM!

Rotating and balancing every 5000 miles is important or you’ll tend to get lopsided wear… as we see manifest here.

I would tend to disagree… I think you could push a river with those!


Still Playing With The Boys

August 4, 2008

Beach volleyball, anyone?

She does not look 83!

I’m absolutely positive none of these guys are gay!

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