The Stompers

May 11, 2011


Used for emergency toilet paper by previous owner, as-is, buyer beware.


The World’s Most Famous Love Letters



He reads the world’s most famous love letters. Alone. In the dark.

The best letters are the ones he wrote himself.


Don’t You Think It’s Time

May 2, 2011


Don’t you think it’s time… TO ROCK THE LUTE!

Errol does a mean solo with his tongue in the third partita.

What kid in 3rd grade says ‘I want to grow up to be a professional lutist and wear tights and lace with frumpy hats? I think we have our answer.


Set Me Free

April 11, 2011


Ok, Samson, just keep the pants on!

He’s frankly a little too liberated already.

Isn’t Diebold a security company?

“Our locks will keep this guy away from you and your family.”

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