It’s In My Heart

April 8, 2011


Someone needs more bran in their diet.

From the look on his face, it’s making a move for his kidneys.


Let’s Spend The Night Together

April 4, 2011


Spending the night isn’t an option once the cell door is shut.

Oooo, maybe we can make some prison wine together!

He looks so happy for having just spent the last 12 hours picking up trash on the side of a freeway.


Honolulu City Lights

March 8, 2011


They drew their inspiration for the cover photo from the Godzilla vs. Mothra films.

Their hair is in a death-battle for world supremacy with their ‘staches.


If You Leave Me Now

January 18, 2011


We have never seen an album with this much soft focus. Obviously, this much glamor is nearly impossible to capture on film.

See what happens when you shoot your album cover in a Swedish sauna?

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