December 30, 2010


Helga probes with love.

That is a monster-sized hookah.

It’s as tall as she is! How much hookah does one woman need?

For Helga, it’s less about the smoking qualities of the hookah than the fact that she can impale her ex-boyfriend on it should he not understand that things really are over.


I’m Not Through Loving You Yet

December 18, 2010


Conway don’t waste no time.

Many weasels lost their lives to bring us Conway’s hair piece.


The Lonely Shepherd

December 10, 2010


The follow up to his album ‘Romance Of The Furry Quadrupeds’.

Even the sheep don’t want to be around this!

He killed them all with his pipes.

I wish his mom wouldn’t let him dress himself.


After We’ve Left Each Other

December 1, 2010


Nice to know he can use his getup from ice skating when he sings.

It’s the break-up record of the year!

The ‘English Version’, because breaking up in German is waaaaay harsh.

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