Murder Ballads

March 30, 2010



Mongol Love

March 24, 2010


I haven’t been to Greece, but I’ve been to Russia – it’s all this and more!

Have YOU hugged a Mongol lately?

Ahhh, Bolshevik love!

Time has not been good to Zorba the Greek. Or his sister.


A Love Extreme

March 22, 2010


That dude abides.

He may have no taste in facial hair, but his music rocks!

Love extreme was found under a Burger King heat lamp.

Blood-red Ray-Bans and split ends. Badass.

He originally wanted the album to be called ‘A Love Supreme’, but it was already taken.


Alain Lachkar

March 20, 2010


He’s making the international sign for ‘loser’.

The guy behind him is making the international sign for ‘I suck your brain’.

I’m feelin’ the love.

The guy behind him is about to feel his medulla oblongata.

How do the French ever hope to win a war?

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