Steve Arrington – Dancin’ in the Key of Life

September 1, 2009


I feel that way too when I ride commando.

Way to keep the budget down by using the drapes from the church foyer.

And the ropes to hang the witches!

What kind of church were you raised in, Bennett?!?

Salem denomination.


And You Shall Be A Blessing…

August 24, 2009


She’s got the whole world… in her hands!

Those are some serious man paws.


Jesus Loves The Little Stereotyped Racist Puppet Children Of The World

July 29, 2009

The black children in this are more… gray.

You ain’t gonna see this on Fraggle Rock!

Definitely not Jim Henson.

It ain’t easy bein’ green. – Kermit the Frog

It ain’t easy bein GRAY either!


Sonseed – Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine

July 27, 2009

Jesus did not dress them.

This set the quality standard for Christian music for the next 25 years.

That’s it, I’m Jewish now!

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