Keep A Lamp Shining Bright

June 29, 2009


Mattie ‘The Matterhorn’ McFerrin.

She must have to get weekly treatments for neck pain with that 22-pound beehive.

Rub the lamp, you get a genie. Rub the hair, you get a disease.

Mattie’s beehive was never the same after the fiery inferno the night her head got too close to the gas lamp.


Bible Story Lady

June 24, 2009


On the eighth day God created a penguin, three little bears, a whale with a top hat, the Great White Witch, and two scoops of raisins in every box!



Rev. Eli & His Now Church

June 17, 2009


Any reverend with a cape has my respect… or at least my attention.

You KNOW they’ve got Kool-Aid at the greeter’s table in the back!

Looks like the Rev has been focusing on the church Women’s Ministry lately.


John Daker Sings

March 24, 2009


I think at about 1:37 is where they pulled the catheter out.

Did we mention that they all go to First United Methodist Church.

It’s better than the First Church of Christian Scientists with those crazy puppets!!

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