Henrietta & Myrna Just Can’t Sing

February 9, 2009

Whatever ‘flowers grew on that mountain’ have long since wilted and died.

Myrna looks like she’s about to commit matricide.

Truly touching–so much joy.

I’m moving off the mountain. Poor mountain!


The Electric Eclectic Amish LP

October 22, 2008

Selling records to the Amish? Why do I doubt they’re topping the pop charts…

I wants to churnz some butteh!

Electric? Apparently not even the mule is orthodox!


The Sword-Surfing Evangelist

May 18, 2008


Bibleman says ‘You may be going to hell for misquoting that verse, Gobourne!’

If I could surf a sword, it would be an awesome day!

He’s eating a powdered donut.

That background is from the set of the ‘Bonanza’ TV show!

I think he uses that sword to trim his mustache.


David Ingles: Satan Has Been Paralyzed!

February 11, 2008

David Ingles: Satan Has Been Paralyzed!

His show, “Spin the Wheel of Hades” was very popular on TBN for a number of years.

Satan no habla “David Ingles”.

I just have to add that most christian albums I’ve seen from this era are in “Dip Stereo”. It makes it sound better. (See top left).

Paralyzed? The piano must have fallen on him.

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