Encores – The 2nd Chapter of Acts

January 20, 2010

Encores - The 2nd Chapter of Acts

I love the New Testament.

That guy’s blouse dates right around then.

He seriously needs some conditioner!

And the house was filled with the sound of rushing wind… from a giant blow dryer.

That dude really needs to take some hair hints from the Grooming Guys.


The Renewed Mind is the Key

January 5, 2010

Anyone want to renounce their denomination after watching this?

Whoa! I feel brainwashed already.

Man, what does Jesus think of all of this?

Jesus hasn’t seen these guys yet… but when he does get around to it, he’s going to be pissed!

That dude’s smile is way too creeeeeeepy.


Jesus Christ is Coming

November 1, 2009

I always knew Satan was a blond!

Tommy Robinetti plays Satan AND Jesus! Nice!

Let’s just hope Jesus gets here soon.

…hopefully he’ll get here before tribulation of the outro.

This is not the last thing I want to hear before the rapture.


When God Smiled on Ronald Coyne

September 18, 2009


When God smiled on Ronald Coyne, Ronald frowned back.

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