Forever is Too Bloody Long

July 9, 2008

Forever? I hope they’re not in heaven!

Thank god the shirtless denim vest was not forever.

You do realize those men’s hands are all surgically attached!


Walkers? I would rather be confined to a wheelchair.

I prefer to avoid absolute words like, “forever” and “always” when discussing music, but this album is a definite “never.”


Jimmy Jenson: Understand Your’e Swede

February 6, 2008

Jimmy Jenson: Understand Your’e Swede

Apparently birth control in Sweden is a bag of chloroform rags and a hatchet.

“Daddy had a rough day at the office kids – run like hell!”


Armand: Holland’s Glorie

August 20, 2007


Check out the musical selection from this album.

80 kroners for this CRAP?

Yeah, or 10 euros in the Netherlands store.

Next time my girlfriend comes over for some smoochin’, this is definitely going to be playing low…

This guy is channeling Shatner.

Some languages were never meant to be sung… I’m sorry to say that Armand has discovered one of them.

“The Best of Armand” collection has a track called “Das ist juist de pest”.

This man must be a GOD in Holland. His hair rivals Hasselhoff.

“Hollands glorie”? I’d hate to see their military!


Gunther’s Ding Dong Christmas


Gunter’s Christmas

Check out the musical selection from this album.

Ahh, more scum from across the pond…

You know that dog is thinking "I hate my life".

Another blow to Swedish nationionalism…

I’m sorry, but no woman is really going to say to Gunther
"touch me now".

Eat your sweet heart out ABBA.

Credited with popularizing the paint-on ‘stache.

You had me at "ding dong."

Skanky, and festive.

Gunther exudes the holiday spirit… um, whatever that is.

Mmmm…. Guuuunther.


Fear it, love it, touch the ‘STACHE!

His mom still plucks it for him.

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