An Evening with Chopin

December 6, 2012

An Evening With Chopin

It’s like Oktoberfest in a barn drawn by a five year old.


Don’t Cheat in Our Hometown

September 13, 2012

Don't Cheat in Our Hometown

… but anywhere else is cool.


Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday

May 28, 2012

John Bult

JB really knows how to throw a great party!

“Julie, we need to talk about child protective services.”

“So when we get up in front of the judge, make sure you tell him you’re 18!”

“Julie, I know this is hard to accept, but now that you’re 16 you must shave me every day.”


Stonewall Jackson

December 14, 2011


Its the white Junkyard Dog.

That’s an insult to Junkyard.

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