The Fantastic Thrashers

November 29, 2010


No wonder they are kept in a deep hole in the ground.

Now touring a bat guano farm near you!

Scaring the crap out of flying rodents since 1978.


Uncle Bud’s Hospital Experience

October 16, 2010


The lasso is symbolic of Uncle Bud’s colon.

They cut up that horse real bad.

…something fierce. Poor horse.

It’s not a horse… it’s an ASS!

Ladies and gentlemen… the inventor of the board game HOSPITAL!


Dottie Jein

September 29, 2010


Twice convicted. Never sentenced.

I hid that locket in a cake to get her out of jail. My love!

Wait, does that say, “Dottie Jim”?


Goodie’s Out Behind The Barn

August 17, 2010


There aren’t goodies back there… trust me!

Don’t. Go. Behind. The. Barn.)

Run, child, run! That bad man’s got an accordion.

Looks like the small one on the left tried to run, but is now having some corporal punishment administered for his efforts.

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