This Boat Don’t Float

August 18, 2007

Boat Diddley

Check out the musical selection from this album.

Boat Diddley? Is that a play on words?

I think I saw him on Bassmasters last week.

The scary part is that the “2006” in the album title dates this accurately within the past half-century. This was straight-up designed in Microsoft Word.

Battle for the bayou: Swamp Dogg vs. Boat Diddley.

Yeah, winner rides away on a huge white rat.

Was he a guest referee in Bud Bowl V?

The greatest tragedy in this man’s life was when they shut the Dairy Queen. He even wrote a song about it.

… listening to the Dairy Queen song …

“Hot fudge judgement… and soft whispers”? All I know is that it takes a lot of “hot fudge judgement” to build a body like that.

This a proud headliner in our “Southern Comfort” category for a REASON! Where else would someone write a love song to the Dairy Queen?

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