Something Decidedly Unregrettable

November 25, 2009


After punishing you for the last two years with the worst of the worst album covers, videos and heinous sounds from music at large, we’re gonna give you something for which you can be truly thankful. Weezer (one of our favorite bands here at Regrettable Music) is back with a new album, ‘Raditude’. To celebrate this new release, Weezer will perform a very special show at one very lucky college campus. Exactly which campus is up to you!!

The T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ Challenge is a competition to see which community has what it takes to get Weezer to their local campus by voting on Facebook. The school with the biggest CLIQ will win a live performance from Weezer… and an award of up to $25,000 – $1 for every vote. So get out there and vote!!!

But that’s not all! If you send us an email to by December 7th with your top 3 favorite posts on the site, we’ll enter you in a random drawing for a shiny ‘Raditude’ CD! (Thanks to YouCast for the CD, btw.) Who knows…. if we are feeling generous the day we send off the prize, maybe we’ll throw in some Regrettable Music schwag too.

Happy Thanksgiving folks, and don’t OD on the cranberry stuffing this year. Your auntie said the carpet cleaning bill from last year was horrendous.


Cat Island

September 16, 2009


Is this promo art for ‘Lost: Season 6′?

It makes about that much sense.

What band IS this?

Must be Björk.


Say It Ain’t So, Jacko…

June 25, 2009


While Michael Jackson obviously had some deep unresolved personal issues and strange/questionable behaviors that led to him being a staple target for the late-night comedy crews, his creative genius and extraordinary charisma made him a deserving cultural icon. One of my earliest musical memories is of listening to Thriller in the backseat of my cousin’s minivan, all of us kids just rocking out to the funky beats. To this day, his records never cease to inspire even my movement-repressed baptist-raised pathetic hips to boogie. On behalf of the rest of the Regrettable Music boys, RIP MJ… peace to your family.


Spring Break!

April 6, 2009

Hey all – just a heads up that we here at Regrettable Music are going to be offline for a week or two for ‘spring break’. Essentially, this means we’ve all been too busy to actually get together and review all the awesome content we have in the pipeline. I know, pretty pathetic. Anyways, for the hundreds of thousands of you that visit the site (not kidding – there’s a LOT of you!), hang in there and we’ll get some good stuff up for you soon!

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