Bobby Conn – Say No To The Man

May 17, 2009

I think he’s one of the Royal Tennenbaums.

That’s a stylish bowl cut he’s sporting there.

What good is it if you say no to ‘the man’ and you say yes to a bowl cut? Someone needs to help Bobby with his priorities.

Do not taunt the scarf.


Mark Gormley – Little Wings

May 14, 2009

Tommy’s face in the first five seconds is solid gold.

The intro is almost better than the music video.

Mark Gormley is sassy. I like his style.

This video was made by chumming for seagulls off the back of a garbage skiff.


Mr. T Does “Muthuh’s” Day

May 6, 2009

Mr. T needs to treat his mother right and put on some damn pants!

Anybody else happy that cutoffs and knee socks are out of fashion?

Only Mr. T can make ‘moan’ and ‘groan’ rhyme with ‘born!’

Mr. T has a pretty mean knee-bob dance move…

If he keeps that up for a couple more videos, he’ll have to worry about some arthritis later on.

I pity da fool that puts down Mr. T’s momma!

Be somebody!


Angelo Tony Luongo Adores You

April 28, 2009

The jokes write themselves!

So this is what happens on peyote.

He was last seen in a Fiero with Philip Michael Thomas.


Italians do it better.

He gets a perfect ten just for the mullet.

What kind of mullet is that anyway?

That, my friend, is an ‘Italo-Mullet’.

Ahhh…. not to be confused with its close cousin the ‘Mexi-Mullet’.

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