Superman, Done Bollywood

April 27, 2009

When we reviewed this, YouTube popped up an ad for depression treatment.

I heard Stan Lee just booked a ticket to Bombay. He’s gonna sue their ass!

There is something seriously creepy about people that wear their underwear on the outside of their pants. Do they wear an extra pair underneath, or do they just go commando?? Either way, sketchaaaaaay.


German Hamster/Witch Dance

April 24, 2009

This is sooooooo demonic.

Kill it! Kill it with fire before it breeds!

This is exactly why the Rodenator needs to be legalized for use worldwide.


Love Me Tender

April 22, 2009

Oh, this is GOOD.

Is this the Jetsons?

Albinos in spaaaaaaace! This reminds me of Moonraker, where the villain wants to create a super race of Aryans!

This was the big break for the Swedendorf Junior College cheer squad.

I purchased a pair of those plum-colored polyester high-rise pants on eBay for $23… they were stained with sweat.


Bert ‘n Ernie Go Brutal

April 20, 2009

They just came out of the studio with Animal.

I needed to rehydrate after just watching that!

Ride the lightning, bitches!

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