The Masochism Tango

January 21, 2009

You know how many hits this has on YouTube? 150,000!

Yeah, that’s all those NPR nutjobs checking out Tom Lehrer.

Aren’t we worried about showing up on Google for the keyword “masochism”?

Hey, there’s no such thing as BAD traffic, boys!

Then why do you keep censoring my posts?!?

Ian, censor that, please.


Shatner sings ‘Rocketman’

January 18, 2009

1978 must have sucked. What a horrible year!

Hey! That was the year I was born!

I rest my case…

You’d have to snort a lot of cold medicine for this to be good art.

Shatner was right. It was a long, long, looooong time.

Advisory: Only watch this when ‘high as a kite.’

Set phasers to dumb!


He-Man Sings ’4 Non-Blondes’

January 15, 2009

Oh my God, how I try…

Don’t doubt the power of Mr. Cringerpants.

My, my, how those purple pants do cup, lift and separate!

Where’s Orko?

Who the heck is Orko and how do you know this stuff, Bennett? NERD ALERT!


They used special background selections from My Little Pony in this video. Dazzling and sassy!

Yeah, and how do you know that?


Poodle Exercise Video????

January 12, 2009

A+ for creative use of midgets with poodle heads!

These are the poodles that survived multiple gassings at the SPCA.

Look at those biceps and thighs! STER-OIDS!

“Beauty and strength. Victory and happiness.” Viva Japan.

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