Exercise Cat

January 7, 2009

Cat, the other white meat.

Mmmm, kitty veal.

For a moment there at the end I thought he was licking himself.

For some reason, the cat reminds me of Orson Wells.

Check out that eyebrow at 15 seconds! Awesome…


Weird Al Yancovik’s First TV Performance!!

January 3, 2009

Is he barefoot?

Dirty hippie!

It… begins…


The Pink Power Ranger Rocks Out

January 1, 2009

I hesitate to link to this video because I feel like I’m supporting their habit.

Be glad we didn’t post the nine minute version of two pink dudes dancing with tennis rackets.

I will hold back… I will hold back!


O Holy Night – the ‘Bring The Pain’ version

December 17, 2008

I consider minute three the real crux.

Wait till the end. Wait for it… STEADY!

Oh holy crap, that hurts!

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