Latin Lameness

November 6, 2008

How many polar bears died to bring us this jacket?

Poor polar bears. Poor Latin America. Poor world.

Three minutes seemed like an eternity. An eternity in a dirty wind tunnel with a dirty Latin man.

His hair is well-embalmed by Mexican Crisco.

Yeah, just stay away from open flames. that was the video I wanted to see!

Ayuda me! No bueno! Ayuda me!


Electronik Supersonik by Zlad

September 15, 2008

I can’t wait to visit Ukraine.

I can!


The Regrettable Boys Redefine Guitar Hero

September 4, 2008

Vote for Leather ‘N Fur here!

Leather ‘N Fur, featuring Ben and Ian of Regrettable Music, shakin’ our translucent white booties at Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco. Forever on tape. I’m so sorry….

This rendition of “Mississippi Queen” makes me want to jump in the Mississippi River. And drown.

I still can’t believe Ben played that guitar with his tongue! God only knows how many grubby hippie hands stroked those buttons prior to his nauseating insanity.

Despite needing weeks of physical therapy on my pulled hamstring from the high kicks and jumping knee drops, the guitar tasted like…. victory.


I Don’t Wanna Lose You Tonight

August 25, 2008

Uggh – 4 minutes and 18 seconds of pain. It just keeps coming…

Is she the spawn of Jimmy Durante? I phrase that as a question because it somehow seems less cruel.

Filmed on-site at a scenic sewage treatment plant overlooking the New York skyline.

I don’t want to lose you tonight––you’re the only thing that matters!

Can I get this on iTunes?

Ach, I hope not…

Just “Terri-ble.”

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